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Bitcoin 2022

Yay! 🥳 You got a coin! 🙌
Along the top edge of your commemorative souvenir you'll see a code was an entry code for a chance to win a New Zealand vacation, but the deadline has passed and the prize has been claimed.

Nevertheless, you get to hodl on to your commemorative coin as a keepsake! We may have some fun ideas involving them in the future. 😉

Our goal is to put Sats in the hands of a global consumer base, for simple feedback. This way, discretionary funds & technical prowess are no longer inhibitors to adoption, and we can begin to onboard the world to PlanB!

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How it works

Global Onboarding Platform for the Masses

PackagePortal brings Web3 to e-commerce. Digital ownership and DeFi to your fingertips.

Thanks for Scanning

Create a new wallet in the app, or add your own Zil wallet for tokens.

Rate your delivery experience

Add tracking numbers and earn each time you confirm and rate a delivery.

Delivery Data Analytics Reports

Earn for completing questionnaires about products and brands.


Actionable Analytics
For Online Merchants.

Free your delivery data from 3rd party carrier silos.


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What can I do with my PORT?
How do I use ZilSwap?

PORT can be found on these Blockchains and Exchanges.


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