Targeted marketing

Create unlimited Web3 surveys.

How do you feel about Engagement?

Consumer surveys provide highly valuable insights and data points by which merchants can make informed decisions around various products and initiatives. However, the those offering survey services have been plagued by disinterest. Without incentives, click-thru-rates are typically dismal.

PackagePortal solves this by incentivizing consumers to engage. Shoppers are more inclined to share their feedback knowing they'll be immediately credited for their time. Crypto rewards enable users to not just earn, but truly own the value that their data creates.

The Value of Post-Purchase Surveys

  • Lead Origination - Ask "How did you hear about us?" and learn where to focus marketing spend.
  • Experience Ratings - Ask "How was your delivery?" or "How do you feel about our Customer Support?"
  • Segmentation - Ask "Is this item for you or someone else?"
  • Lead Generation - Ask "What other items might you purchase soon?" of "Do you plan to buy [insert product]?"

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