Who are we?

We're a cohesive team with a collective mission to build applications that create tangible and meaningful value for regular people.

We achieve this with PackagePortal by empowering brands and consumers to re-engage and generate value for one another.

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Package Portal Inc.

About The Company

Package Portal Inc is a U.S. based company striving to deliver crypto adoption to the world through its User Engagement platform. Our no-code services empower merchants with Web3 integrations for blockchain based loyalty and feedback campaigns.

Our team is positioned across the globe, with core operations happening out of Phoenix, AZ and Boston, MA. Being founded in the progressive blockchain haven of Wyoming (in 2019), the company hopes to lay a path for other American startups in the crypto space.

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Package Portal Inc.

About The Team

Build. Steward. Repeat.

Gabe is a full-stack developer with over 10 years experience and a history of leading multiple engineering teams through both technical and cultural changes during startup acquisition.

Gabe Chaney
Gabriel Chaney
CTO at PackagePortal
CTO at PackagePortal

JG is an entrepreneur from the logistics space with decades of experience. Having scaled up a delivery company, his growing understanding of crypto and smart contracts are now being applied to inefficiencies facing in the industry.

JG Whitley
J.G. Whitley
CEO at PackagePortal
CEO at PackagePortal

Ben is an accomplished & creative engineer, with a Neuroscience and CS background. Although formally accepted to med school, he's got a keen interest in machine intelligence, reinforcement learning, and crypto.

Ben Jewkes
Ben Jewkes
Engineer at PackagePortal
Engineer at PackagePortal
Our Engineer Ben

Henry is a seasoned software engineer from the healthcare space. After joining the team, he added the programming language 'Scilla' to his repertoire, in the designing our smart contract architecture.

Henry Wrightman
Henry Wrightman
Engineer at PackagePortal
Engineer at PackagePortal
Our Engineer Henry

Advisory Board

Jonathan Poyser

Jonathan is a Manager within a BIG-4 Deals practice, splitting his time between New York City and Dubai. His experience within due diligence, corporate finance and investment management is a decade long. Mr. Poyser holds an MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and a post graduate certification in Global business from Harvard Business School.

Ciaran McNamee

Ciaran has 25 years of experience in Investment Banking and Asset Servicing. He's served on the Board of International Securities Finance Association (ISLA) and holds a MSc. in International Banking and Finance. Mr. McNamee has spent the past 5 years in the DLT space developing businesses internationally.

Aidan Finn

Aidan has significant experience in Operations and General Management. He is currently completing a Masters in Talent Management, Leadership and HR strategy. Mr. Finn's expertise in the digital space as both founder and advisor, are bred out of an active interest in DLT, and its application to traditional business operations.

Nathan Kelleher

Nathan has spent his career helping to build solutions that improve Logistics and eCommerce on a global scale. For the past two decades, he has grown his network of contacts and solutions partners globally, developing a deep understanding of digital commerce and supply chain. Nathan is a serial investor in technology and innovation businesses.

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Our Values


We believe in equal opportunity in all things for all people. Company culture and initiatives will uphold this truth.


The team's greatest desire is to build products that can enhance and impact mankind for years to come.


Revenue and profits are tools to be stewarded. Charitable donations will be continual and very intentional.


Technology is advancing continuously. Our aim is to creatively apply new technologies to common problems.


Build with us!


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