Token Disclaimer

This space is new and exciting, but we want to be transparent about potential risks involved with crypto.
Please do your own research and educate yourself before attempting your own blockchain transactions.

Tokens created and issued by Package Portal Inc. [hereafter: we, us, our] including but not limited to PORT, XPORT, & MPORT, [hereafter: 'the tokens'] are never meant to be instruments of speculative investment. We make no promise, claim, inference, or implications of any profitability or "ROI" to be realized from the external trading of our tokens in public markets. The tokens exist for consumptive purposes, as a means of exchanging value on, and in connection with, our own platform and ecosystem.

The tokens have a fixed internal value and constant redemption rate for items, services, & products available within our platform, or the platforms owned by our strategic partners &/or affiliates. Any supply of tokens in circulation possess immediate usability in our ecosystem. Be aware that exiting our platform, or removing the tokens from our controlled ecosystem is done at your own risk, having acknowledged the general counsel provided in this disclaimer.


The Purpose of PORT

PackagePortal enables retailers & merchants to obtain delivery confirmations for a fraction of what delivery companies charge. We do this by removing the carriers from the equation, and opening a direct feedback loop between the shipper and their shoppers. We believe that since our users create this valuable data in the first place, they deserve to be rewarded for the service provided.

PackagePortal accomplishes this by integrating publicly distributed ledgers, which provide the transparency that carriers refuse to offer. Likewise, tokenization of scan data lets shippers and shoppers own and freely transfer the value of that data, independent of any 3rd party delivery company. Encrypting delivery data in the form of tokens creates trust-less and traceable units of measure for the value created, and are given an inherent redemptive value within our platform. Here's how they work:

Symbols and Supplies

PORT - 10,000,000
XPORT - 100,000,000 - [Locked]
MPORT - 10,000,000,000 - [Locked]

For PackagePortal, an inflationary token supply is indicative of a successful business model. We sell delivery data to online merchants, and reward their customers for creating it. Since there's hundreds of millions of deliveries around the globe daily, and "1 scan = 1 token", then we'll eventually need a LOT of tokens.

Roman numerals will represent the generational supply increases, with some fun onomatopoeia, (X = 10x, and M = 1000x). Once all 10 million original PORT are mined, we will introduce XPORT, with a 10x total supply. Likewise, MPORT represents 1000 times the original PORT supply, & remains locked until the last XPORT is mined.

This model takes into consideration organic growth of user adoption, alongside the parabolic growth curve of increasing e-commerce delivery. The lower initial supply allows us to front-load value to our earliest users & community members, by granting holders of the original PORT with governance rights regarding future decisions and reward structures within the platform.


Allocations for the original PORT is listed below and is visualized here.  XPORT and MPORT tokenomics will be released in the future. Team tokens and Sale tokens are vested over time. Tokens in the Scan Contract remain locked until the full supply is mined by user scans. Therefore, initial circulating supply at launch is 1,000,000 (10%).
SCAN PORTAL - 7,000,000 - (70%)
Mined by User Scans
TOKEN SALE - 1,000,000 - (10%)
200k at Launch - Remaining 800k Vests Monthly (100k every month for 8months)
TEAM SHARE- 1,000,000 - (10%)
200k at Launch - Remaining 800k Vests Semi-Annually (200k every 6months for 2yrs)
OPERATIONS - 200,000 - (2%)
Fully distributed at Launch
COMMUNITY REWARDS - 500,000 - (5%)
100k at Launch - Remaining 400k distributed quarterly (50k every quarter for 2yrs)
ZILSWAP - 100,000 - (1%)
1k at Launch - Remaining 99k in token sink
UNISWAP - 100,000 - (1%)
1k at Launch - Remaining 99k in token sink
ADVISORY BOARD- 100,000 - (1%)
Fully distributed at Launch

Redemptive Value

PORT - $1.00
XPORT - $1.00
MPORT - $0.50

PORT will be pegged to $1 US Dollar, and be immediately redeemable on our platform for items or services available in the rewards warehouse. PORT and XPORT both carry the same redemptive value; however, original PORT holders will have governance voting rights, and be eligible for premium prizes. Inventory in the redemption warehouse can be found on our social profiles &/or this Google Form.


Capturing any percentage of the delivery industry means a very heavy volume of transactions will need to be conducted. Zilliqa's innovative consensus algorithm provides much cheaper gas fees, for transactions that happen even quicker, so we happily built our platform on their ZRC-2 standard. As Zilliqa Research actively works to complete a bridge to the Ethereum network, we want to ensure that ETH users are able to participate now.

So to facilitate this, 100,000 PORT (1%), will be wrapped as ERC-20 tokens, with the corresponding supply of ZRC-2 tokens being burned. Total supply between both networks is then maintained at 10 million PORT. Ethereum based tokens will use the symbols ePORT, eXPORT, and eMPORT, and their contract address will be made public when appropriate. Users who wish to exit our platform to explore other dapps and projects within the Zilliqa and Ethereum networks, can do so via ZilSwap and UniSwap.

Issuance & Redemption

In a measure of safety at the beginning stages, automated token issuance has been disabled for a short period. Tokens will be issued manually every week at UTC - Midnight. This inspection period allows our engineers to analyze feature sets live on the MainNet, and enhance efficiencies in a safeguarded environment. Once the development team completes its review, the auto-send function will be reenabled.

Users will have the ability to redeem their tokens on the platform immediately, at the rates listed above. Each PORT the equivalent of $1 in warehouse credits. Users can access this Google Form, to claim their prizes and send a transaction-ID showing a successful transfer to our admin wallet address. Please specify the item or service desired from the rewards warehouse, along with any color, sizing, or styling preferences.

Ecosystem Incentives

Users who hold PORT tokens for extended lengths of time, rather than redeeming them, or swapping them, will be inherit governance rights over the platform, and become eligible for special prizes and rewards. Randomized snapshots will be conducted to determine token holders and balances. Only those users who are confirmed to have mined PORT tokens from our contract address, and do not trade out of, or exit our system, will be eligible for additional rewards & airdrops. *Please note: at this time, any tokens purchased or obtained from 3rd party exchanges will possess all governance rights, but will be ineligible for premium prize redemption.

Burns & Buybacks

Users are afforded the freedom to exit our platform if they so choose. Transferring their rewards into other blockchain based applications demonstrates true ownership of the value they generate as online shoppers. However, we make no guarantees as to the outcome of engaging in public market trading, and urge users to heavily research the financial risks involved with public markets.  

Furthermore, at no time will Package Portal Inc. ever buy back tokens from public markets, with the intent of burning portions of token supply for any reason (apart from the inaugural ERC-20 minting event). Such actions are often viewed by the SEC as price manipulation. No such mechanism of speculative value inflation will ever be employed by the company. Neither will we incentivize users to burn or reduce supply in any organized efforts to increase our tokens' value above or below the value we assign them. Package Portal Inc. will maintain the listed redemptive value for our tokens within our platform in perpetuity.

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