Consumer Scans

PackagePortal is a delivery data bridge between e-commerce brands & their customers. It's a uncontrolled by carriers or delivery companies.

We incentivize online shoppers to scan the shipping labels of their deliveries, to quickly rate & review the condition & quality of service, as they time-stamp a proof of receipt.

Our service draws merchants and consumers closer together, to create value for one another, while cultivating better service and honest data from delivery companies.

Scan a package, rate the service.

When an item is purchased online, only the customer can truly confirm a successful delivery was made. PackagePortal opens a direct feedback loop between online buyers & sellers at the point of fulfillment.

Now they can work together to ensure delivery service providers are performing  properly, without relying on biased driver data, or paying $5 in fees for signatures that are inconvenient & unsanitary.

We opened the portal for Shippers & Shoppers to create their own delivery data, regardless of the carrier used. This enables them to communicate directly, to identify poor performing delivery partners, validate delivery time & condition, & much more.

Why is this better?

Traditional "proof of delivery" is merely GPS & timestamp of where a package was dropped off by a driver; it communicates nothing of how or when it was found.

PackagePortal moves beyond proof of delivery to provide a "proof of receipt". Now Customers can tell Shippers directly, how & when they actually received their product.

This data is valuable to any entity shipping anything, anywhere. It creates a new touchpoint for brands and their communities, while providing valuable data at a fraction of what carriers charge for a rudimentary signatures.  

Loyalty Rewards Tokenization

Not only can we save Shippers lots of money on delivery surcharges & get them better data, but our blockchain integration allows the transfer of value associated with that data, rewarding the shoppers generating it.

Because of this, our platform is able to facility the most advanced loyalty rewards program to date. Each scan earns a PORT token, which is then redeemable for merch, swag, discounts, & prizes.

We provide a way for brands to re-engage with their customers & community at the moment of delivery; opening doors for customer retention efforts, and a distribution channel for ads, coupons, or promotional deals.

Safer and Smarter

Signing a delivery scanner is no longer advisable. They travel in & out of medical facilities, office buildings, and neighborhoods, being handled by dozens of people throughout any given day. Practical safety measures reveal this touchpoint to be too high a risk.

PackagePortal scans eliminate the need for a signature as proof of delivery.

proof of receipt


When a signature is required, there's no safer way than to use your own device. Each scan acts as a digital signature, distancing shoppers & delivery drivers.

simple ratings


The whole scan process only takes about 20 seconds. No fumbling with a dirty scanner or stylus to sign. No email surveys or phone calls if there's trouble.

smarter data


We'll record scan data onto a blockchain network, and export business intelligence models for Shippers to improve delivery services, cut cost, & share value.

Are you a shipper?

If you deliver goods or products to online shoppers, let's make delivery a better customer experience for them.

Learn about our Dashboard

Proof of Receipt

Delivery confirmation is important. It lets a shipper know that their customer received their order, and it removes the burden of liability from a delivery driver.

But the means to obtain confirmation needs a safe update. Contagions are a daily threat now, & the spread of infection is accelerated by the exchange of scanners between drivers & customers. PackagePortal fixes this.

Delivery Reviews

If there is a problem with your order, finding the right people to speak to about it can be difficult. PackagePortal removes the need to search for customer support phone numbers or emails.

Also, scan data helps shippers identify where poor delivery service is happening, and disrupts the industry's monopoly as middlemen controlling the data flow & communication channels. Make them earn your business.

Use the Dashboard to visualize your deliveries & ratings geographically. Let your customers show you where to focus.
Signature fees for delivery verification cost an average of $5. PackagePortal offers better data & a safer collection method.
Print ads kill trees & burn revenue. Rather than wasting ink and paper, why not deliver a digitized version right to consumer devices?
Rather than calling customer support to complain, PackagePortal is a much easier way to share delivery frustrations & feedback.

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