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PackagePortal is plug-in software that lets Web3 companies and Shopify Stores offer Bitcoin and other rewards for loyalty and feedback campaigns.

Our 1st Party Data structure adapts to the evolving landscape around consumer privacy, and creates mutual value for merchants and users alike.

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Surveys for Sats

PackagePortal's Web3 integration lets your customers earn Bitcoin for feedback.

Thanks for Scanning

Set up your account and start creating your own customized surveys.

Rate your delivery experience

Set rules and automate survey links based on product type or order status.

Delivery Data Analytics Reports

Each completed survey earns your customers Bitcoin or other crypto rewards.


PackagePortal supports these platforms.

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Client FAQ

Answers to common questions by companies.
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Why is this good for Shopify Stores?
Why is this good for Web3 Companies?
How do I create and send surveys?
How much will it cost me?
How does it work?
What is the incentive for Users?
How much do users earn?
How is this better than Campaign Tracking

User FAQ

Answers to common questions by users.

Where do I start?
How do I get my tokens?
How much can I earn?
How can I trade PORT?
What is XPORT?
What is PORT?
What can I do with these tokens?
Where can I learn more about PORT

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Actionable data


Improve your market research and post-purchase engagement.

Unlimited Survey Creation

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/ month

Beginner package for lower volume stores.

  • Unlimited Generation
  • Send 100 Surveys
  • Basic Analytics
  • .CSV Uploads
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/ month

Standard package for stores with more volume.

  • Unlimited Generation
  • Send 1K Surveys
  • Dynamic Analytics
  • .CSV Uploads
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Higher volume package for larger stores.

  • Unlimited Generation
  • Send 10k Surveys
  • Advanced Analytics
  • .CSV Uploads/API
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Meet the Team!

Package Portal Inc. was incorporated in Wyoming, USA in 2019.

About Us

JG is an entrepreneur from the logistics space. He brings decades of experience as the owner of an active 3rd Party Delivery Company with over 30 drivers. JG entered crypto in early 2018, immersing himself into researching, writing, and ideating.

PackagePortal CEO
J.G. Whitley
CEO at PackagePortal

Gabe is a full-stack developer with over 10 years experience and a history of leading multiple engineering teams through both technical and cultural changes during the acquisitions of startups he worked with.

PackagePortal CTO
Gabriel Chaney
CTO at PackagePortal

Henry is a seasoned software engineer from the digital healthcare space. He is responsible for smart contract architecture as well as network integrations. He's passionate about Python, Swift, .NET, and blockchain tech.

PackagePortal CTO
Henry Wrightman
Engineer at PackagePortal

Ben is an accomplished software engineer, having a NeuroScience and CS background. He's been formally accepted to med school, but has a keen interest in the areas of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

PackagePortal CTO
Benjamin Jewkes
Engineer at PackagePortal

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