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A scalable smart contract platform.

About the Zilliqa Integration

The first to implement sharding, Zilliqa is in a league of its own. The unique design of their network offers the fastest and cheapest transactions available, while sacrificing none of the 3 main criteria for a Layer 1 protocol: Decentralization, Security, Scalability.  

Zilliqa also created it's own smart contract programming language called 'Scilla'. Originating from research conducted at the NUS, the new language is safe-by-design because it's able to be formally verified with math before deployment. Finally, their mining structure makes it far more affordable, and less energy consumptive than competing blockchains.

A successful PackagePortal means evermore scans, and increasing transactions. We believe no other blockchain has the capabilities of handling the sheer volume that an e-commerce collision can bring, so we're happy to collaborate Zilliqa.

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