Why Crypto

Integrated with Bitcoin, Ethereum, & NFTs

Why crypto?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have altered the way the world perceives value. True ownership is now attainable using cryptography, and as blockchain technology continues to advance, we believe the majority of the world will have it woven throughout their daily lives. It's our goal to be a leading and responsible onboarding ramp.

Tokens offer a unique method of measuring and transferring value. Our smart contracts utilize blockchain technology to create and issue PORT, or "PROOF OF RECEIPT TOKEN" for each valid entry by a user.

Our ecosystem revolves around PORT (Proof Of Receipt Token), of which there are 10 million in total and 3.1M in circulation.
Users earn either Bitcoin or XPORT for each survey answered, and every 100 XPORT is equal to 1 PORT.

As merchants join the platform, portions of their monthly subscription fees will go towards buying PORT from exchanges. This practice will ensure that there is always a liquid market for PORT.

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