1st Party Data

Feedback generated by users in real time.

The Cookie Dilemma

Privacy is a right we are all entitled to. But online, we leave our digital footprint everywhere we go. Owners of websites have been able to sell details about our footprint to marketers who then target ads based on clues left behind in those footprint.

Incoming regulation is making it harder for companies to capture and retain that data, as 3rd party cookies will soon become extinct. The evolution calls for 1st party cookies; meaning data coming directly from the consumer, and PackagePortal makes it possible.

Incentivize your customers to opt-in and provide you the very specific data that can help you better serve them. Access organic consumer-generated data in real time, and gain remarkable insights into the consumer experience, with targeted surveys.

Our plugin allows merchants to create unlimited surveys and customize datasets in a myriad of ways. Whether viewing geographically on a map, or segmented out in charts, the richness of our customer feedback loop can be aggregated almost any way you'd like.

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