XPORT's inbound.

J.G. Whitley
July 6, 2022

Phase II

Our first governance proposal has passed (twice), and we are now ready to migrate to XPORT for scan rewards.

PORT is shipping out, and XPORTs are inbound. This transition is an important update for the platform as a whole. Rewarding our users & community of good actors is something we take great pride in. But in order to protect users and ensure the veracity of the greater economy, we must also be vigilant about abuse.

Vigilance within crypto requires a heavy handed balance, strong enough to stave off constant attack, yet accessible enough to support lots of global users.

During the last 4 weeks, various attacks forced us to escalate many high level security implementations in the shadow of tremendous growth.

We’ve been aggressively countering attacks. So much so, that our level of device integrity is rapidly evolving, to be on par with some mobile banking apps. All amid 100x growth.

While it's best to keep our war chest and defense mechanisms private, we can share that we recently added Install-IDs, which links a user to a single sign-in method. This prevents multiple accounts on a single device. It seems some of you out there may have added a second account unintentionally, and got locked out.

Sorry about that! We couldn't warn good users without alerting the scammers. So if you created multiple accounts for any reason, you were locked out as the security feature did its job. If this was a mistake, you can email support for a reset. Just know that whether you used google sign-in or email/password in the beginning; you'll need to stick with that first method. Please be sure to guard your original login credentials moving forward, they're very important.

We're approaching half a million total transations!

But fighting scammers isn't the only thing we've been up to for the last month. In just the last 9 days, we’ve increased our token transfer count from 100k to 179k, and we doubled our holder total to over 21,500 wallets.

To put that in perspective, its roughly half the holders of gZIL & twice the transfers of ZWAP…& we’re just getting started!
Consumer scans take online shopping 'outside the box.'
Here's some of the other cool stuff we did:

-We’ve recorded over 2.5 million scans, from over a quarter million users!

-We’ve empowered online shoppers across the globe.

-We’ve educated consumers about shipping labels & tracking numbers.

-We made barcodes cool!

As the summer heats up, we plan on making barcodes much cooler! Now that we're entering Phase II, here is what you can expect:

1. New scans will be credited with XPORT (as of midnight 4/20/21)

2. Previous scans that we are still verifying, will be credited in PORT. 

3. Weekly rewards for PORT holders will always be in PORT.

4. 10% Rewards will continue through June as promised.

This means that you will begin seeing XPORT show up in your wallets for scan credits starting now. And if you have any valid scans from before now, then you will be credited for those in PORT once we've verified them.

Be sure to add XPORT's token address to your wallet
XPORT Contract - zil1hhjrsmp73wzgyt4va2tth3k5pd8wly59g08jaq
Old Contract - zil1hpwshtxspjakjh5sn7vn4e7pp4gaqkefup24h2

In order to swap XPORT into PORT, you will use our Redemption Contract which is also live. After completing your KYC verification process, you can simply send XPORT there, and get back your PORT at a 1:100 ratio. Send 1 XPORT, get back 0.01 PORT.

Having this contract early, ahead of schedule, is a great accomplishment. Our dev team has really done some amazing things, and delivered under incredible pressure. Be sure to bookmark our redemption contract's address to make it easy to swap.

REDEMPTION CONTRACT - zil10vlrvawccjjay79phratznpgmpznv8u8ckwksy

As we move forward, there are tons of exciting things happening behind the scenes we wish we could share, but we must remain tactical & measured. What we can say is that there are updates coming to the app itself. We'll add a communication channel for support needs. We'll also add a "forgot password" button, as well as implementing some UX changes that will improve throughput while fighting spam.

I know it's been a bit hectic lately, and getting direct support has been tough. But please believe that we're hard at work making PackagePortal what it needs to be. The team is expanding, and we're reinforcing the foundations of the tech, as we connect the dots behind the scenes, that will enable the business model & network effects to really shine.

As we begin to lay the groundwork for partnerships, we're simultaneously positioning our tech stack to be able to support Carrier and Shipper integrations. We truly believe PackagePortal will bridge the gap facing 85% of global e-commerce. We intend to demonstrate then dominate...together as a community. United, we will pry the power of delivery data from the hands of giants, and share in the rewards. Thanks for coming to the party early.

J.G. Whitley
Hi, I'm JG, one of the founders of PackagePortal.

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