PORT is live on ZilSwap

J.G. Whitley
January 26, 2021

PORT issuance Round -1

We're excited to finally distribute PORT tokens to all of our users who participated in our online treasure hunt, and those who have been scanning deliveries at work and at home. Scan credits have been mounting over the last few weeks, and we are very pleased with user engagement and scan data thus far. As a thank you to these earliest users, scan credits recorded before the release of this blog post, will receive triple rewards - 3 tokens per successful scan.

How to claim your Tokens

Make sure you have updated your mobile app to the latest build (v-1.0.4), and add your ZIL wallet in your account settings. Tokens will be automatically issued to successfully connected wallets of verified users. If for some reason your tokens don't arrive, it may be due to the fact that disbursements are carried out before your wallet was added. In that event, simply add your wallet and wait a day or two. We will be monitoring userID's and issuing tokens as wallets come on line.

PORT is live on ZilSwap!

It's actually been a few weeks since PORT was added to ZilSwap, but we've been waiting to share the news in a more public fashion until the team over at Switcheo completed updates to properly show a "registered token" status. We also wanted to wait for our logo to be updated, all of which we believe provides a more official presentation and demonstrates some level of trustworthiness for our token and platform.

We created a PORT/ZIL liquidity pair with a token balance congruent to initial user rates, and will continue to add to the pool as users increase. This is a strategic method and rate of token distribution into the pools, creating the option for existing users earning tokens to exit our platform if the should desire to do so, as well as enabling the broader ZIL community to access our token.

In the coming weeks, we will share more details regarding liquidity mining and staking to earn more tokens. Sign up to be alerted when we publish those updates, or follow us on socials. Our profile links can be found at the bottom of our webpages.

J.G. Whitley
Hi, I'm J.G. one of the founders of PackagePortal. When I'm not building or creating, I like to descend mountains on two wheels.

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