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J.G. Whitley
January 26, 2021

PackagePortal launches mvp, to provide Contactless Delivery Confirmations

Phoenix — March 31, 2020 — As of today, Package Portal Inc, has released a new barcode scanning service to provide a critical layer of protection for delivery workers & customers, during this peak transmission period of CoronaVirus.

The app will provide a digital signature for packages that normally require signing a delivery driver’s scanner.

Major carriers like UPS and FedEx, have recently announced efforts to improve social distancing practices during signature collection, but the solutions are slow and inefficient for both driver and customer. They also remain corruptible and provide zero assurances against fraud for those still paying the signature service fees.

Safer & Smarter

By allowing the Customer to scan a shipping label with their mobile device, we can authenticate delivery confirmation without making contact, eliminating the need for unsanitary scanners to change hands. The app also lets users rate a Driver’s performance, and acts as a third party audit against falsified Carrier data.

We’ve been busy for nearly a year, designing an app to be integrated with Zilliqa; a Singaporean blockchain protocol, able to scale as it grows. Our upcoming beta will tokenize tracking numbers with the goal of “empowering Consumers during the delivery process”, but we’re launching an early model to help businesses and delivery workers today, to minimize their exposure.

Mobile app allows your device to scan shipping labels, thereby enabling safe social distancing while eliminating the need to handle or sign a delivery scanner, when signatures are required.

SafeGuarding an Essential Service

Getting medical and office supplies to healthcare workers, and food to homes, is considered an Essential Service during any “shelter in place” order, or city lockdown. So while half the globe works from home, delivery personnel are traversing the city, visiting hundreds of locations a day, directly in harm’s way, assuming great risk to prevent supply-chain shortages across the globe.

Adapting to the moment

So we branched some of our codebase as quickly as possible to offer a signature solution & layer of protection to an industry so exposed, yet so crucial to the economy. However, because the onset of the virus was so sudden, and our response so reflexive, the app is not yet public in app stores. However, you can download the alpha version right now. Instructions are on our website for Android and iOS.

Looking Ahead...

As for the original product, the team is sticking by its planned Summer launch. While it has taken some time and focus away from the beta launch, we are still on schedule, we’re excited about offering something to the world that helps real people, in real life, right now. This virus just seemingly changed life as we knew it, wreaking havoc across the entire globe; thankfully we just happened to be building something that could be tweaked in the moment, to solve this new found dilemma.

About PackagePortal

Package Portal Inc, was founded in 2019 by J.G. Whitley and Gabriel Chaney. Gabe is an experienced full-stack developer, and J.G. is a delivery business owner. Incorporating in Wyoming to take advantage of its progressive blockchain legislation, the Phoenix based duo has eschewed ICO’s or token sales, to bootstrap their startup quietly. The platform they’ve built incentivizes better package handling & generates value for Retailers, Consumers, & Drivers alike. The Beta is scheduled for Summer ’20. Collaborators are welcomed to reach out to, or visit:

J.G. Whitley
Hi, I'm JG, one of the founders of PackagePortal.

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