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The PackagePortal DashBoard allows you to customize & filter scan data on your shipments in a thousand different ways. View it geographically on a map, or segmented in a number of different charts. You can aggregate PackagePortal data in any way you'd like.

Shippers and shoppers are the foundation of any online marketplace. They exchange value for goods and services. Both parties must then entrust their products and profits to a third party able to provide the service of transportation.

The PackagePortal transfers power away from carriers, and back to the originators of value. Collect independent data, not controlled by delivery companies. Communicate with your customers, run loyalty campaigns, and much more.

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Small Biz
Per month, billed Monthly
1 Dashboard Account
Automatic Daily Scan Reports
10K Scans / Month
File Exports
System Integrations
Big Biz
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Per month, billed Monthly
3 Dashboard Accounts
Automatic Daily Scan Reports
100K Scans / Month
4 File Exports / Month
system Integrations
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Per month, billed Monthly
5 Dashboard Accounts
Automatic Daily Scan Reports
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited file Exports
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