Bitcoin '22 Conference Recap

J.G. Whitley
July 6, 2022

Orange Kool-Aid

The Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach was an electric gathering of global citizens from all backgrounds and landscapes, uniting together under a single orange banner that champions financial inclusion and transparency, and sovereign ownership over one's wealth.

This year's event was a momentous occasion with over 25k attendees. Both Bitcoin's adoption and applicability are growing at exponential rates with no signs of stagnating, and they are both poised to continue accelerating for decades to come.

Sharing time with thousands of other like minded individuals is a catalyzing experience. Each day over coffee, Gabe and I met with countless builders and investors who share similar passions and experiences as we do. We got to introduce ourselves and PackagePortal to hundreds of event speakers and attendees, and had the chance to enjoy cocktails with event organizers from BTC Media, discovering shared goals to be explored, as we all push towards a future that equips regular people with the means to understand and acquire Bitcoin.

Nakamoto Stage - Bitcoin Conference 2022

Some of the talks given were profound. The Unwinding of the Petro dollar session with Avik Roy, and the Deep Dive Fireside about on-chain analytics by Dylan LeClair stand out as highlights. As a Wyoming entity, Meeting Caitlin Long was a joy, and being energized by Senator Lummis' speech was amazing.

But there were so many other great discussions and content on-going at the same time, that it was sometimes hard to choose where to best invest your time. All in all, I think the most value is always captured in the form of relationships, meeting new friends and finding common ground.

The Deep - Whale Lounge for networking

We were able to put bitcoin souvenirs in the hands of hundreds of folks over the course of those 4 days, while at the same time marketing the PackagePortal platform in a non-intrusive way. The reception of those coins was further fuel to our raging fire, as the feedback about them was overwhelmingly positive, and seemed to leave an imprint on the recipients.

Miami Beach Convention Center

The Conference itself was very high-class, incredibly well organized, and demonstrated a highly intelligent use of the space offered by a venue as vast and beautiful as the Miami Beach Convention Center. The staff and volunteers were all fabulous and seemed genuinely friendly throughout the duration of the 3 day event; very impressive service by Michael and the Nikki Beach crew. And the Sound Money Music Festival that closed things out on the fourth day was a blowout success.

Gabe and I look forward to developing the newly made relationships and leveraging the power of a shared interest and common goal in seeing the world added to the Bitcoin network; to bank the unbanked, equip the builders, empower local merchants and consumers, and secure the future of the global financial system. See ya next year!

PackagePortal founders at Whale Night - Bitcoin Conference 2022
J.G. Whitley
Hi, I'm JG, one of the founders of PackagePortal.

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