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Zilliqa's official DEX. Powered by Switcheo.

Available on ZilSwap

Accessibility is an important tenet to ownership. We believe that users who create value on our platform, should be able to do whatever they'd like with that value. While we've built incentives to encourage users to remain within the ecosystem and hold their PORT to govern the evolution of our platform, we know that some would prefer to exit into the broader Zilliqa and Ethereum ecosystems.

ZilSwap has features that enable both. Therefore, a liquidity pool with PORT/ZIL has been made available so that:

  • Users who earn PORT with our app, can swap for ZIL and other tokens in the Zilliqa ecosystem.
  • Those who may not receive frequent deliveries can still increase their position within our economy.
  • The broader crypto community can establish a position within our economy.

Users will need to import their ZIL wallets into ZilPay to connect to ZilSwap. Always be sure to protect your private keys, and never share them or expose them online, ever...for any reason....EVER!

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